Episode 9

January 04, 2023


Episode 9 - Being Receptive to Health

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Bonnie Gintis, DO Steve Paulus, DO
Episode 9 - Being Receptive to Health
Osteopathy Unplugged
Episode 9 - Being Receptive to Health

Jan 04 2023 | 00:09:34


Show Notes

In 1899, Andrew Taylor Still said, “To find health is the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” The recognition of health as a reference point and the origin of healing is what makes Osteopathy distinct from all other healing arts and sciences. It is health that organizes and manages your response to whatever diseases or dysfunctions challenge you. Without health there is no creative compensation and adaptation, for what has been challenged by aging, disease, dysfunction, or injury, and life ceases.

Perceiving health is not a simple, tangible state. You can’t touch health directly. It’s not like learning to palpate anatomic landmarks in the body. It is a nuanced experience you will develop as we guide you in the workshops, and as you practice. 

In this, and the next workshop, we have created a set of experiential workshops providing an opportunity for you to have a direct experience of health. These episodes provide the foundation for being in the territory of experiencing health, rather than just staying with the map of ideas. We want you to get out of your head and into your hands. We don’t want you to merely think about health as a cognitive process, we want you to have an experience of health.

Our podcast-based experiential workshops are an inquiry process. These workshops help to create a perceptual container, increasing your ability to “find health” in your patients. In this episode, Being Receptive to Health, we will guide you through an experience with a partner. Working with a practice partner simulates a clinical situation. Apply these skills with your patients, in your office.

Join us and explore . . . “Being Receptive to Experiencing Health”


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