Episode 6

September 13, 2022


Episode 6 - The First Osteopathic Treatment

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Bonnie Gintis, DO Steve Paulus, DO
Episode 6 - The First Osteopathic Treatment
Osteopathy Unplugged
Episode 6 - The First Osteopathic Treatment

Sep 13 2022 | 00:50:36


Show Notes

This podcast will be the first in a series of episodes exploring key historical components of the Osteopathic experience. We will present momentous historical events that shaped the early development of Osteopathy. We know that understanding our traditions will give you a better appreciation of who we are as a healthcare profession and why we are remarkable.

Our first episode in this series is this presentation of the epic First Osteopathic Treatment, which took place in Macon, Missouri in the autumn of 1874. Andrew Taylor Still recounted this case history in the “Autobiography of A. T. Still.” At this point, Dr. Still had not fully formulated the principles of Osteopathy. The development of Osteopathy as a healing art took 18 years of empirical experimentation and intense study.

Still’s earliest style of manual medicine was based upon the hands-on healing practices of Magnetic Healing combined with the traditional art of bonesetting. He blended the metaphysical concepts of Magnetic Healing with the physical principles of biomechanics found in bonesetting. He further developed his technique, evolved his style, integrated precise anatomic diagnosis, created a philosophy of healthcare, and called this system Osteopathy.

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