Episode 5

August 19, 2022


Episode 5 - Osteopathic Ways of Being

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Bonnie Gintis, DO Steve Paulus, DO
Episode 5 - Osteopathic Ways of Being
Osteopathy Unplugged
Episode 5 - Osteopathic Ways of Being

Aug 19 2022 | 01:04:43


Show Notes

Episode 5 - The Osteopathic Ways of Being

In this episode, we explore an innovative approach to enriching your inner life as an Osteopath. The Osteopathic Ways of Being are not formally a part of A. T. Still’s teachings. However, they are congruent with the basic Philosophy of Osteopathy and with the spirit of A. T. Still’s approach to healthcare. The Osteopathic profession has tended to ignore the inner life of the Osteopath. We can apply the Osteopathic approach to our inner life. Our inner life is reflected in the outer expression of the Osteopath, and strongly influences the quality of patient care. Who we are, affects how we treat. Our level of awareness of internal events (us) influences our ability to sense and perceive external events (our patients). By attending to your “Ways of Being” you can become a better Osteopath. Being a better Osteopath, is clinically significant.

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Join us and explore . . . “The Osteopathic Ways of Being”


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