Episode 1

May 17, 2022


Episode 1 - Welcome to Osteopathy Unplugged

Hosted by

Bonnie Gintis, DO Steve Paulus, DO
Episode 1 - Welcome to Osteopathy Unplugged
Osteopathy Unplugged
Episode 1 - Welcome to Osteopathy Unplugged

May 17 2022 | 00:19:55


Show Notes

We developed this podcast out of our passion for Osteopathy and the recognition that our profession needs a more intimate discussion, or a conversational approach to who we are and what we do. This podcast is primarily oriented toward Osteopaths and Osteopathic students from around the world. And, our audience includes non-Osteopathic professions such as MD’s, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Rolfers, Craniosacral Therapists, Biodynamic practitioners, massage therapists and any healthcare professional that is interested in the complexities of healing using the Osteopathic approach. This episode will introduce us to you. This podcast is our gift to Osteopathy.

Join us and explore Osteopathy Unplugged


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